When the light is absent, the darkness becomes master !!!


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Bld. Oltenia Nr. 80

Craiova, Județul Dolj


Access conditions:

- higher education;

- seriousness;

- an honorable profession;

- stable material conditions;

- skills in teamwork.

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1. Because union gives power.

2. Because only in collaboration with peers of the same value can dreams come true.

3. Because you can learn new things in the company of trained people.

4. Because for over 1000 years, in the shadow, groups of smart people have passed through all the vicissitudes of the times.

5. Because only if you donate you become rich.

Why become a member?

The following will be submitted to the contact address:

1. Application for admission to the Order, according to the model.

2. A color photo scanned.

3. A C.V. updated.

4. Address and contact details.

The application will be analyzed by an Admission Committee in Order, composed of 5 members, who must unanimously agree.

The result will be communicated to you on the same day that the meeting took place, by telephone or by e-mail.

In the event of a negative result, you will not receive any voting information.

In case of a favorable result, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting with the Admission Committee in Order which will ask you some questions.

If, after this meeting, you have been declared admitted, you will receive information about your rights and obligations.

We are waiting for you!

Mode of admission to the Order

The main areas of interest are:

- historic;

- legal;

- medical;

- education;

- economic;

- fundamental sciences;

- psychological..

Areas of interest for the Order

For the smooth running of the Order's activity for the benefit of mankind, we await your suggestions, regardless of the field. If your wishes are within our competence, we assure you of our good intentions.

We look forward to your suggestions!



Ordinul Illuminati-Zamolxis



Bld. Oltenia Nr. 80

Craiova, Județul Dolj